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Pedometers help elderly move

A recent study by Australian researchers offers a way to motivate seniors to increasetheir daily exercise by using a pedometer.  This visual monitor  offers a positive feedback and countsthe number of steps walked.  The researchers found that the pedometer groupwas significantly more motivated to increase activity level. What other strategies can be used to motivate seniors to exercise more?


Is there a connection between working at night and developing breast cancer?

A research published in the journal Occupational and Environmental Medicine looked at women who work more than two night shifts per week over several years. The participants appear to have a forty percent higher risk of developing breast cancer. The risk increases fifty percent in women who worked at least three night shifts a week for minimum of six years. A possible explanation is a disruption in the melatonin production, a hormone that protects against cancer. What recommendations do you make to your patients on how to improve their sleep and circadian rhythm?

Doing taxes or selecting a healthy meal – what is your preference?

2012 Food and Health  survey from  the International Food  Information Council Foundation was completed by more than one thousand participants from 18 to 80 years of age. The conclusion – 52% of Americans prefer to do their taxes over  picking a healthy meal. If you are among 48%, what are your suggestions to others on how to make eating healthy and fun?

Have you noticed a lot of barefoot runners lately?

Barefoot running has emerged as a new trend in the fitness world. A New York Times Phys Ed columnist goes over how to safely transition to this style of running as well as other running tips. What are your thoughts about barefoot running?

Want to help cheat death? Find out which proteins can actually help you live a longer life.

New research from the Harvard School of Public Health has found a link between eating red meat and your risk of dying earlier. Substituting certain healthier proteins for processed and unprocessed red meats can actually help reduce your risk of mortality. What are your favorite sources of protein?

What Are the National Consequences of Obesity?

TEDMED 2012 presenters Judith Salerno and John Hoffman talk about obesity in the USA. What can we do collectively to solve this national problem?

TEDMED 2012 Judith Salerno & John Hoffman Talking About Obesity in the US

Nighttime fasting may foster weight loss

The journal Cell Metabolism published research by Satchidananda Panda, a regulatory biologist from Salk Institute in La Jolla.  The findings suggest that mice that eat high-calorie food only during the day remain lean, have low cholesterol, blood sugar and no metabolic problems.  This is significantly different from animals consuming the same amount of calories over 24 hours.  What are your thoughts about these findings? What are your tips for maintaining healthy weight?

Is Healthy Food More Expensive than Junk Food?

The USDA conducted research comparing price of food per weight and portion and came to conclusion that healthy food is generally less expensive than foods high in saturated fat, sodium, and added sugar.  How do you promote better diet for your patients?

2012 Human Perfomance and Dietary Supplements Summit

Office of Dietary Supplements from the National Institute of Health is partnering with American Society for Nutrition to create a 2-day summit on Human Performance and Dietary Supplements (8/9-8/10).  Please feel free to share this information with your colleagues or fitness professionals in your area.

The Environmental Working Group has just released a new edition of its sunscreen guide.

Products to stay away from include those with high SPFs, spray and powder formulations and those with the ingredients retinyl palmitate, a form of vitamin A, and oxybenzone.  Prepare for patient questions by reading the report as well as the FDA’s new sunscreen rules.