Iron supplements may reduce behavioral problems of low birth weight infants

asianbaby3A new study published inthe journal Pediatricsevaluated the effect of iron supplementation on the cognitive function and behavioral problems of low birth weight infants (LBW).Two hundred eighty five marginally LBW (2000–2500 g) infants received 0, 1, or 2 mg/kg/day of iron supplements from 6 weeks to 6 months of age. At 3.5 years of age, these children and 95 normal birth weight controls were assessed with a psychometric test. The studyfound that there were no significant differences inIntelligence questionnaire (IQ) between the LBW groupsand controls. However, infants that received iron had significantly fewerbehavioral problems than those that did not. What supplements do you find effective in your pediatric practice for the treatment of behavioral problems?

For more information about the study, please find the abstract in Pediatrics

“Image courtesy of [winnond]/



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