Coffee may reduce the risk of oral/pharyngeal cancer

1301254661hw38MDIn a prospective US cohort study, researchers examined the association of caffeinated, decaffeinated coffee, and tea intake with fatal oral/pharyngeal cancer taking into account the effects of confounders. A total of 968,432 men and women were eligible for analysis including 868 oral/pharyngeal cancer deaths. At baseline, current daily intake, that is, cups/ glasses/ drinks per day, of caffeinated coffee, decaffeinated coffee, and tea was ascertained. Daily intake of these beverages was categorized as <1 cup/day, 1–2 cups/day, 3–4 cups/day, >4 cups/day. The study results found that 49% lower relative risk of oral/pharyngeal cancer death associated with >4 cups/day compared to those who reported not drinking coffee at all or only an occasional cup. What are your typical recommendations to your patients in terms of coffee/caffeine consumption?

For more information about the study, please find the abstract in American Journal of Epidemiology

“Image courtesy of [Suselek]/


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