Why Four Workouts a Week Might be Better Than Six

4K7F2199A new study published in Exercise & Science in Sports and Medicine evaluated 72 older women in terms of benefits of exercising two, four or six times a week.  Researchers reported that women in all 3 groups were more fit and had better endurance by the end of 4-month experiment.  It was surprising that women who exercised 6 times a week ended up spending fewer additional calories compared to the beginning of the study, while women who exercised 2 times a week were burning additional 100 calories a day, and women exercising 4 times a week – additional 225 calories.  Women exercising 6 times a week were less likely to engage in additional physical activity outside of their scheduled workouts.  How will the results of this research impact your future exercise routine?  How well do you believe this data could apply to you, your patients or general public?

For more information, please visit the NY Times.  Image courtesy of [Ambro]/FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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