The First Randomized Controlled Trial, Studying The Efficiency and Safety Of E-cigarettes.

Since they were first introduced in 2004, questions were raised about their safety and actual effectiveness in quitting the habit of smoking. A recent study, published in Plos One, assessed the use of electronic cigarettes instead of regular ones in Italian subjects who were not willing to quit. A total of 300 subjects were enrolled and were evaluated throughout a whole year. The study analyzed the use of E-cigarettes with three different strengths of nicotine (7.2mg, 5.4mg and placebo) in three different groups. Results concluded that there was a significant decrease in the number of cig/day used in all three groups and up to 13 percent of these subjects quit smoking a year later. What are your thoughts on this? Would this study encourage you to recommend your smoker patients to switch to E-cigarettes?For more detailed information on this study, please click here


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