Soft drinks consumption is associated with behavior problems in 5-year-olds.

149275_of404-mSoft drink consumption has been in the news a number of times during this summer.  Here is another prospective birth cohort study that was recently published in the Journal of Pediatrics.  Researchers followed 3,000 5-year-old children and their mothers from 20 large U.S. cities. Every two months, each mother had to report their child’s soft drink consumption then complete a checklist to assess their child’s behavior. Scientists discovered that children who consumed soft drinks had increased aggression, attention problems and withdrawal behavior as opposed to those who did not. Furthermore, children who drank 4 or more soft drinks per day were more than twice as likely to destroy things belonging to others, get into fights, and physically attack people. Does your library of evidence related to soft drink consumption help you to persuade your patients and their parents to eliminate them from the diet? What practical tips do you offer in substituting soft drinks for something more healthful?

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