Can Eating Peanut Butter Cut Breast Cancer Risk Later In Life?

In a study funded by the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and the U.S. National Institutes of Health, researchers found that teenage girls that regularly consumed peanut butter, other nuts, beans and corn were at less of a risk of developing benign breast disease when they reached adulthood. The concern for benign breast disease is the risk of progression to breast cancer. The study followed teenage girls (ages 9-15 years) from 1996-2010, asking them to periodically answer diet questionnaires. Researchers found consumption of diet rich in nuts, beans and corn was associated with upto 68% reduction in risk of benign breast disease, and consumption of peanut butter was associated with 39% reduction in risk. What are your thoughts on this study? How do you educate your patients about this right now?

Click here for more information.


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