Healthier food will only cost you $1.50 more!

In a multinational meta analysis that was published recently in BMJ, Harvard medical school researchers compared the cost of healthy vs. unhealthy diets in 27 studies from 10 countries. Price differences varied according to food groups from which meats/proteins had the largest price difference costing an average of $0.29 more per serving than less healthy options. Other categories such as grains, dairy, and snacks/sweets also cost more for healthier options, at $0.03, $0.004, and $0.12 respectively. On average, the study concluded that a day’s worth of healthiest diet cost about $1.50 more than the least healthiest. What do you think of this research? Are you surprised by the amount of difference?

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4 responses

  1. Most people are surprised. It’s good to know that with a little planning you can eat healthy and not spend a fortune.

  2. I’m not surprised at all. I spend most of my grocery budget in the produce section and I find that the price of the food isn’t really that expensive, especially compared to prepackaged junk food.

    There are several tricks though. You need to know how to pick and use produce. I think many people are uniformed about the offerings in this part of the grocery store, so they stick to the same items, which may be more expensive due to the season or what’s going on with that particular crop. Eating locally and seasonally is the best way to see deals.

    For many years, I belonged to a local farmers club that would deliver a huge box of produce every week. It was eighteen dollars and contained more produce than a family of four could eat in a week. It was delicious! The thing is, you never knew what would be in the box, so it required a sense of adventure.

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    Harvard medical school researchers compared the cost of healthy vs. unhealthy and found that eating healthier is not as expensive as you think.

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    Love this article. In the past I thought it was so much more expensive to eat healthier foods. Now that I take the time to plan meals more efficiently, my family eats healthier and food costs have actually been reduced.

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