Red light, green light: Food choice made easier

woman-buying-salad-10039141A new study was just published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine describing a system called “Green Light, Red Light, Eat Right.”   Massachusetts General Hospital researchers implemented the system in the hospital cafeteria where healthy foods were marked with green stickers, while less nutritious items carried red stickers on them.  The experiment was performed over a period of 2 years with researchers monitoring the patterns of food consumption.  Overall sales of green foods went up by 5% and sales of red foods went down by 3%, however employees’ consumption of “red” items went down by 20%.  Authors invite readers to implement a similar system even in their households creating “green” and “red” shelves in their refrigerators. How often do you speak with your patients about healthier food selection?  What are your typical recommendations for your patients?

For additional information, please see CNN.

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