Brain training helped older adults stay sharp for years: study

ID-100122308The results of the largest study ever completed on cognitive exercise were published today in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, revealing encouraging effects for the elderly population. The study included approximately 3,000 adults and analyzed results based on three brain training programs—processing speed, memory and reasoning capacity. The patients were divided into four groups, three training groups who received 10 to 12 sessions lasting 60–75 minutes plus a control group who came in for regular cognitive testing. Five years after the sessions were completed the training groups exhibited improved cognitive results compared to the control group. Even ten years after training the results persisted, although gains in memory did seem to decline. The training groups didn’t just test better based on particular study results; they also reported having an easier time with daily activities when compared to the control group.

What activities do you perform to keep your brain sharp? How much time would you be willing to set aside to dedicate to brain training?

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