Drinking Milk Linked to Osteoarthritis Relief


Milk is often advertised for strong bones, however, a new study published by Arthritis Care & Research claims that increasing one’s milk intake may lead to a decrease in osteoarthritis progression. The study evaluated 2,148 patients of both sexes suggesting that osteoarthritis progression was decreased in women who consumed more than 7 glasses a week. The authors noted that although they were unable to establish a definitive link between milk ingestion and decrease in osteoarthritis progression, they encourage readers to drink milk that is low-fat or fat-free regardless of sex. What are your thoughts on this research?  What are your typical recommendations to your patients who are trying to slow down their disease progression?

Read the study at Arthritis Care & Research
For additional information visit The New York Times
Image courtesy of [Naypong]/freedigitalphotos.net



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