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The Affordable Care Act is upheld by the Supreme Court.

The Affordable Care Act is upheld by the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court declared the entire Affordable Care Act to be constitutional, thus enabling easier access to healthcare for many Americans. How do you think this ruling will affect healthcare and your patients’ access to care?

Could apples help you keep your blood sugar in check?

Could apples help you keep your blood sugar in check?  A new study published in PLoS ONE, found a compound called ursolic acid, which is naturally found in apples, helped mice to gain less weight and to keep their blood sugar levels more stable. What dietary and lifestyle recommendations do you make to your patients to help them maintain a healthy weight and blood sugar?

Are some fruits better than others?

Are some fruits better than others? Researchers from Texas AgriLife Research have found that certain stone fruits, including peaches, plums, and nectarines, have specific bioactive compounds which can help fight obesity, inflammation, and diabetes. How do you help your patients incorporate fruits and vegetable into their diet?

Is coconut water worthy of all the hype

Coconut water is being hailed as a great source of potassium and sodium. However, getting your electrolyte sources from fresh fruits and vegetables also provides you with other valuable nutrients that coconut water does not. What are you main dietary sources of potassium?

Have you noticed a lot of barefoot runners lately?

Barefoot running has emerged as a new trend in the fitness world. A New York Times Phys Ed columnist goes over how to safely transition to this style of running as well as other running tips. What are your thoughts about barefoot running?

Want to help cheat death? Find out which proteins can actually help you live a longer life.

New research from the Harvard School of Public Health has found a link between eating red meat and your risk of dying earlier. Substituting certain healthier proteins for processed and unprocessed red meats can actually help reduce your risk of mortality. What are your favorite sources of protein?