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Our Bodies May Have a Fat-Cell ‘Switch’

Man_thinking_about_a_problem_ppVitamin D receptor (VDR) has many functions in the human body and plays roles in bone mineral homeostasis, detoxification, cancer prevention, and hair cycling. A new study published in Molecular Endocrinology also suggests that VDR can acts as a toggle switch in determining whether a fatty cell is going to be a white or a brown one. White fatty cells are responsible for storing energy, while the brown ones are responsible for burning energy. It is still not very clear how exactly this happens. The amount of vitamin intake had no effect on this function of the receptor. Researchers are working on the development of a new obesity medication. The proposed mechanism of action of this drug is to prevent VDR from blocking the development of brown fat without affecting its other function. This exciting discovery might lead to a significant change in obesity treatment. Have you tried recommending vitamin D for weight loss for your patients? What are your typical recommendations?

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Moon Cycle and Sleep Pattern

DSC_22655Linking lunar cycle to physical and psychological conditions has been considered unscientific by some researchers. However, the Swiss are changing this view. A new study analyzed sleep patterns of 33 subjects in a sleep lab. Subjects and investigators didn’t know that the analysis was related to the lunar cycle. They found that around full moon, subjects had less deep sleep and lower endogenous melatonin levels. Would you agree?  What is your personal experience with the lunar cycle?    

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New Surprising Findings on The Long Terms Effects of Vigorous Exercise.

Exercise is one of the most suggested recommendations to sick and healthy individuals. A recent study published in the European Heart Journal evaluated 53,000 race participants between 1989 and 1999. They found that athletes who finished more marathons had a bigger risk of hospitalization with arrhythmias. What are your typical recommendations to patients about the type and amount of exercise they should include in their lives?

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Milk Is It Just Food or Is There More To The Story?

Milk is in the headlines today with new striking findings. A recent review unfolds how milk can be linked to a variety of illnesses. Researchers stated that milk nutrients and exosomes (protein complexes) activate mTORC1, a processthat promotes postnatal growth and transfers species-specific programs.  This is highly beneficial for infants, but problems arise when large amounts of cow milk consumed during adolescence and adulthood causing unnecessary growth. How would these finding affect your daily intake of milk and recommendation to patients?  

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Listeria Outbreak Linked to Cheese

CDC announced that it is investigating the recent listeriosis outbreak in several states. It is suspected that the outbreak is linked to cheeses produced by a company in Wisconsin. There were five people infected with the listeria strain linked to the outbreak that were later hospitalized. The company linked to the contaminated cheese is being investigated by the FDA and have voluntarily recalled all products produced up to July 1st 2013. Listeria outbreak is a recurrent problem with about 800 laboratory-confirmed cases each year and 3 or 4 outbreaks. The alarming number of outbreaks raise the concern of what needs to be done to ensure personal safety against food-borne illnesses – what are your recommendations?

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