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Speaking More Than One Language Could Prevent Alzheimer’s.


A study recently published in the Journal of Neuroscience with research done by Brian Gold provides support that speaking more than one language may help protect against the cognitive losses caused by Alzheimer’s disease. What other recommendations do you provide to your patients to help support their cognitive functioning?

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Exercise is associated with reducing brain shrinkage in patients 70 years or older.

A longitudinal observational study published in the journal Neurology associated exercise in the late 70s with the reduction of brain shrinking. Researchers at Edinburgh University concluded that physical activity was associated with less atrophy and white matter lesion. These findings suggest that exercise may be neuro protective and lead to a decrease in cognitive decline. How much exercise do you recommend to your patients on a daily basis? How do you think this information will affect the elderly population at risk of dementia?

For more information see Neurology.