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Brain Scans Suggest ‘Food Addiction’ Might Be Real

A new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition studied the “truth” behind “food addiction”. Researches have enrolled 12 men, who were either overweight or obese. Participants were assigned to a two milkshake “meal” that had the same amount of calorie, taste and sweetness. However one had a high glycemic index carbohydrates (HGIC), and the other one had low glycemic index carbohydrates (LGIC). The study used MRI assessing a four hour postprandial brain activity, in addition to blood sugar and hunger levels. Results revealed that HGIC such as white bread, seem to activate neurological centers focused on cravings and reward, a center that is also known for addiction. How surprised are you by the results of this research?

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Drinking green tea with starchy food may help to control blood sugar levels

A recent animal study from Penn State University revealed that a green tea compound may be helpful to reduce blood sugar spikes in mice fed a high starch diet. According to Dr. Joshua Lambert, an antioxidant in green tea called epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) may inhibit ability of enzymes to break down the starch into sugar decreasing blood glucose level spikes by 50%. What are your favorite foods and beverages to recommend to your patients for controlling theirblood sugar level?

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Carbohydrate-rich foods can cause higher recurrence of colon cancer

Results of a recent seven-year observational study were published in the journal of the National Cancer Institute suggesting that patient’s high consumption of carbohydrate-rich foods may increase their chance of dying from a recurrence of their colon cancer by 80%.  It appears that carbohydrate-rich diet elevates blood sugar and insulin which may act as fuel for growing cancer cells. Are you familiar with the low glycemic index and load foods? How often do you discuss these with your patients?

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High-Protein Diet Linked to Heart Risks

A recent Swedish study in more than 43,000 women age 30-49 published in the British Medical Journal evaluated the dietary intake of carbohydrates and proteins and their relationship to the risk of cardiovascular events.  Researchers concluded that women consuming low-carbohydrate high-protein diet were in higher risk for cardiovascular disease (stroke, heart attack and other.)  How do the results of this research support your current thoughts and dietary recommendations?