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How Vitamin D May Fight Colon Cancer

ID-100130112New observational research performed at Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School was just published in the journal Gut.  Researchers have associated higher levels of vitamin D with a reduced risk of colon cancer, stating that the higher the levels in the blood, the less is the likelihood of developing malignant tumors in the colon. The authors discuss how vitamin D boosts immunity in cancer as well as any other type of infection leading to greater number of T cells which target tumor cells and limit their growth. When did you have your vitamin D level check last?


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Carbohydrate-rich foods can cause higher recurrence of colon cancer

Results of a recent seven-year observational study were published in the journal of the National Cancer Institute suggesting that patient’s high consumption of carbohydrate-rich foods may increase their chance of dying from a recurrence of their colon cancer by 80%.  It appears that carbohydrate-rich diet elevates blood sugar and insulin which may act as fuel for growing cancer cells. Are you familiar with the low glycemic index and load foods? How often do you discuss these with your patients?

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