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Expiration dates on beauty products

An article published in the New York Times discusses marking beauty products with expiration dates. Many manufacturers are starting to create products with multiple ingredients to simplify the consumer’s beauty regimen.  Not all ingredients coexist well with each other. Also, many natural cosmetic lines utilize fewer preservatives.  The article advises consumers to use applicators to decrease the amount of bacteria and to store products in cool places avoiding hot and humidenvironments. How often do you throw away your beauty products? How do you think this information will impact consumers the frequency of buying beauty?


For more information see New York Times.

The Environmental Working Group has just released a new edition of its sunscreen guide.

Products to stay away from include those with high SPFs, spray and powder formulations and those with the ingredients retinyl palmitate, a form of vitamin A, and oxybenzone.  Prepare for patient questions by reading the report as well as the FDA’s new sunscreen rules.