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Relationship between timing of food and weight loss

A new study published in the International Journal of Obesity, Timing of food intake predicts weight loss effectiveness, evaluates the relationship between meal time and weight-loss. The authors followed 420 patients in Spain during a 20-week period where lunch is the biggest meal of the day. Participants were grouped into early eaters who ate lunch before 3 pm and late eaters who ate lunch after 3 pm. The study showed early eaters lost 25% more weight than late eaters. The authors concluded the timing of the largest meal affects the success of weight-loss regimens. When discussing nutrition habits how often do you stress meal times?

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All calories are not created equal

New research from the New Balance Obesity Prevention Center at the Boston Children’s Hospital published in the Journal of the American Medical Association assessed how low-glycemic index (40% carbohydrate, 40% fat and 20% protein),low-fat and low-carbohydrate diets affected weight loss and maintenance. The diets mainly containing low-glycemic index or low carbohydrate foods were more effective for patients who tried to keep their weight off. What are your thoughts?