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Pedometers help elderly move

A recent study by Australian researchers offers a way to motivate seniors to increasetheir daily exercise by using a pedometer.  This visual monitor  offers a positive feedback and countsthe number of steps walked.  The researchers found that the pedometer groupwas significantly more motivated to increase activity level. What other strategies can be used to motivate seniors to exercise more?



Have you noticed a lot of barefoot runners lately?

Barefoot running has emerged as a new trend in the fitness world. A New York Times Phys Ed columnist goes over how to safely transition to this style of running as well as other running tips. What are your thoughts about barefoot running?


2012 Human Perfomance and Dietary Supplements Summit

Office of Dietary Supplements from the National Institute of Health is partnering with American Society for Nutrition to create a 2-day summit on Human Performance and Dietary Supplements (8/9-8/10).  Please feel free to share this information with your colleagues or fitness professionals in your area.