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Faux pas! Food fraud on the rise.

ID-10090192A new study by the U.S Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) found 800 new accounts of food fraud. The USP describes food fraud in the study as “the fraudulent addition of non-authentic substances or removal or replacement of authentic substances without the purchaser’s knowledge for economic gain to the seller.”  The new study established the most frequently fraudulent products are milk, coffee, saffron, honey, and spices committed by manufactures. With food fraud on the rise, what are your thoughts and recommendations? For additional information, please visit CNN. “ Image courtesy of [Suwit Ritjaroon]/Freedigitalphotos.net”

UK’s first “healthy” pizza

Scottish scientists decided to look into making commonly eaten “junk” food healthier.  Incorporation of more balanced ingredients as well as herbs and spices seems to be the answer.  Would you consider modifying the recipes of some of your favorite “junk” foods to make them better for you?  If you have any great examples, please share them with us.