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PepsiCo is Removing Brominated Vegetable Oil from Gatorade



PepsiCo has announced that they will no longer be adding brominated vegetable oil (BVO) to its Gatorade drinks.  This begs the question, what is BVO? It is a man-made chemical that forms when vegetable oil is bonded to the element bromine.  When citrus flavors that are oily by nature are placed into water-based solutions (such as soft drinks) they float to the top, but bromine is heavy and stops oil from floating.  BVO allows the drink to be more uniform.  High levels of BVO over long-period of time can be toxic to the body.   What beverages do you generally recommend to stay hydrated?


For additional information, please visit WebMD.  “Image courtesy of “[healingdream]/freedigitalphotos.net