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Effects of red ginseng extract on sleep in healthy volunteers.

IMG_1237Researchers at Kwandong University studied the effects of red ginseng on sleep in 15 young healthy male volunteers. They discovered that red ginseng can reduce duration of wakefulness between sleep times, reduce lightest stage of non-REM and increase total sleep time. What are favorite recommendations to improve sleep?

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Ginseng poaching threatens survival of plant species.

DSC_5323finishThe United Plant Savers has ginseng listed as one of 20 endangered plants due to increasing illegal harvesting of American ginseng. This month starts the high-season for poaching and conservationists are worrying about the plant species survival. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park along the Tennessee-North Carolina border is the largest protected ginseng habitat in America but with wild ginseng root fetching upward of $800 a pound, many poachers are overwhelming law enforcement and leaving the plant’s survival in doubt. It is believed that 90 percent of the exported ginseng is poached. Were you aware of this problem? Are you familiar with the work of the United Plants Savers? How mindful are you about recommending ginseng in your practice?

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Ginseng and bacopa may produce cognition enhancements similar to modafinil.

A review article published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology compared clinical trials of neurocognitive effects of modafinil, ginseng and bacopa.  The study concluded that the nutraceuticals (ginseng and bacopa) may produce cognition enhancing effects similar in magnitude to modafinil. Neurocognitive effects included thinking, learning, processing, or remembering information. Have you used a combination of ginseng and bacopa for cognitive improvement in your patients?What other plants do you recommend routinely?

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Ginseng Relieves Cancer Related Fatigue

Researchers from the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center in Rochester, Minnesota reported study findings in 360 cancer patients.  Ninety percent of those taking 2000 mg of American ginseng felt less fatigue. What herbs are you comfortable recommending to someone with cancer?