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Authors Of The Last Study Backing Dr. Oz’s “Magic Weight Loss Cure” Retract Their Research

measuring-tape-around-apple-10042494The study that supports the use of green coffee bean extract for weight loss and was promoted in Dr. Oz’s Show as the “Magic weight loss cure”, has been retracted by its authors. They explained that the sponsors of the study, the green coffee bean extract manufacturer, could not assure the validity of the data. Moreover, the company, Applied Food Sciences Inc., has been charged by the Federal Trade Commission for using the results of the flawed study to make baseless claims. What are your thoughts about weight loss products and specifically green coffee bean extract? What other products are you uncomfortable recommending?

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Algae extract shows promise in increasing HDL cholesterol in animal models

A study by a Wayne State University researcher found that after 4 weeks of administering ProAlgaZyme in hamster’s drinking water, the ratio of total to HDL cholesterol improved. Although further investigations are needed, the improvement from this extract on lipid panels shows great potential. What do you currently recommend to your patients to increase their HDL levels?





Daffodils may be useful in treating depression

A new study published in the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology looks at ways in which daffodils may help to treat depression. One of the most difficult aspects of psychopharmacology is discovering compounds that can pass the blood brain barrier. A scientific research group from the University of Copenhagen has discovered that compounds from Crinum and Crytanthus from a South African species of snowdrops and daffodils can effectively pass the brain’s defensive barrier. What are some of your recommendations for someone with symptoms of depression?


Avian Flu Viruses Have Potential To Evolve In Nature To Become Transmissible Between Humans

A new research conducted at the University of Cambridge and published in the journal Science suggests that only a few key mutations could cause the avian H5N1 influenza virus, also known as bird flu, to become airborne and transmissible among humans.Learning how to boost immune system is among leading factors in decreasing mutation. There are many immune-boosting foods and herbs. What are your favorite recommendations for patients who would like to enhance their immunity?


Are you aware of importance of vitamin B6 in your diet?

A new study published in the Journal of Nutrition, has linked low levels of vitamin B6 to a multitude of chronic inflammatory indicators. How do you advocate healthy sources of vitamins and minerals to your patients?


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