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Nutrition Basics Help Fight Child Obesity


The Food and Drug Administration just released Nutrition Basics reminder to help parents look at nutrition facts labels (ingredients, percent daily value, nutrients, and serving size) before buying food for their children. The main goal of this program is to fight childhood obesity with better food choices. How often do you discuss food labeling with your patients?

For additional information, please see the FDA Consumer Update .

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Overweight seen as the norm, says UK chief medical officer

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BBC summarized the annual report of health in UK suggesting an overwhelming shift of social stigma on weight with overweight becoming the norm. According to chief medical officer, Dame Sally, parents as well as the general populace are failing to identify obesity due to recent changes in media portrayal. Dame Sally recommended a sugar tax in hopes of preventing poor diet trends and increasing levels of obesity from continuing. What are your thoughts? Would similar taxation improve US issues with weight or cause more controversy?

For additional information please see BBC
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Does the Body Mass Index need fixing?


The body mass index (BMI) was created 150 years ago in order to analyze weights of people grouped by their different heights.  In order to calculate BMI you take your weight in kilograms and divide it by your height in meters squared.  The BMI has been criticized due to its inability to  tell the difference between someone’s body fat and muscle.  Nick Trefethen, a mathematician and Professor of numerical Analysis at Oxford University is one of the BMI critics who developed a new formula to calculate an individual’s BMI which is 1.3 x weight divided by height to the power of 2.5.  Visit the site to calculate both your old and new BMI.  What do you feel is the most accurate way to determine if an individual is “overweight”?  Do you feel that the old method of calculating BMI is outdated?

For additional information, please visit BBC. “Image courtesy of [farconville]/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net”