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NIH and VA address pain and related conditions in U.S. military personnel, veterans, and their families: Research will focus on nondrug approaches.

medicine-100176550Chronic pain and associated conditions have increasingly become a problem in the United States, especially in those who are currently serving or have served military time for our country. Thirteen research projects, which are to be funded $21.7 million within the next five years by the U.S. Veteran’s Affairs, National Institutes of Health’s National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, and National Institute on Drug Abuse, will investigate non-pharmacological treatments for these conditions. Due to the current increase in opiate prescribing and abuse, alternative options are to be further explored. The research will investigate skills which can better manage symptoms of their conditions and prevent their progression. This is expected to help more appropriately treat these patients while driving down healthcare costs and curbing the overuse or misuse of opiate medications.

What do you think about the current opiate prescribing practices in this patient population? How do you currently manage patients with pain and related conditions?


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Broccoli slows arthritis, researchers think.

fdp-140The University of East Anglia team has started human trials on the use of broccoli to prevent or treat osteoarthritis after conducting successful lab studies on mice and cells. A broccoli compound, Glucoraphanin, has been linked to blocking an enzyme that damages cartilage. Twenty patients will eat a daily dose of 100g broccoli for two weeks before going undergoing surgery for knees repairs.  Researchers will examine the tissues removed to see if broccoli had any impact, then they will compare the data to another 20 knee replacement patients who have not been on the diet. What are your thoughts about this on-going research? What diet do you recommend for arthritis patients?

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