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Girls’ growing brains ‘more resilient’, study suggests

dream designsAutism spectrum disorder (ASD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is seen more in boys than girls. Research from the American Journal of Human Genetics suggests more severe DNA errors must occur in girls to cause neurodevelopmental conditions. Girls with ASD had a greater number of harmful genetic mutations compared to males, but females tolerated a higher threshold of bad mutations before developing ASD. Although more research is needed to support these findings, current data suggests resilience in brain development is higher in females. A likely explanation for this may be the fact that since females have two X chromosomes rather than one in males, the other X chromosome may compensate for damage in the other. What are your thoughts about this research?  What typical recommendations do you provide to patients with ASD/ADHD?

For additional information, please see BBC News Health.

Image Courtesy of [dream designs]/FreeDigitalPhotos.net