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CDC: 1 dead, 7 others sickened by listeria traced to cheese

zole4The CDC reported a listeria outbreak via infected ‘Hispanic-style’ cheese in at least eight people (5 adults and 3 babies) of Hispanic descent living in Maryland and California. Health inspectors traced the source back to Roos Foods as the manufacturer, a company based in Kenton, Delaware.  Listeria spreads through the consumption of unpasteurized milk and cheeses, soft cheeses, ready-to-eat meats and smoked seafoods, and authorities warn not to purchase products under brand names of Santa Rosa de Lima, Amigo, Mexicana, Suyapa, La Chapina and La Purisima Crema Nica. What advice do you provide to your patients on how to protect themselves from food poisoning?

For additional information, please see CNN Health.

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Antibacterial Soaps on Trial

soapA US court has recently allowed the Natural Resources Law Council to proceed with a lawsuit filed against the FDA regarding the regulation of triclosan.  Triclosan is an ingredient present in some antibacterial soaps and other widely used products, which is potentially thought to be carcinogenic.  There is some data showing that this chemical is found in the blood and urine of many humans.  Many groups have already been advocating for the FDA to ban triclosan, but have yet to be successful.  What chemicals/ingredients do you try to avoid when purchasing consumer goods?


For more information, please visit The Daily Green.

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Household Chemical Linked to Heart Disease

A new study including over 1,200 people published in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that a chemical in many household products called PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) may be linked to heart disease. This chemical is detected in over 98% of Americans and it lingers in the body for years. However, the authors pointed out that this study only found a link, not a cause-effect relationship. There are many household products used around your home, how do you educate yourself better about them?
For more information, visit Archives of Internal Medicine

Deaths in Salmonella Outbreak Traced to Cantaloupe

There has been a recent salmonella outbreak traced to cantaloupes in 20-states leaving half of the infected consumers hospitalized, including two deaths. While there are reports of salmonella from farms in south-western Indiana, there are also reports of listeria from Burch Farms, and Cottle Strawberry Inc. from North Carolina. Therefore, it is advised to avoid eating all cantaloupes and honeydew melons until further notice. Considering the recent reports of bacterial contamination in food, how do you educate your patients and loved ones to avoid the risk?

For additional information please visit Web MD.


Safety Reminders for Vitamins and Supplements

Consumer Reports magazine just published a new release discussing “surprising dangers of vitamins and supplements”.  More than half of Americans take supplements, and between 2007 and mid-April 2012 the FDA received more than 10,300 reports of serious adverse events, 2,100 hospitalizations and 115 supplement related deaths (many of those linked to substances (e.g., ephedra) which are banned). The article reminds the importance of discussing the use of products with health care practitioners and purchasing from companies with strong brand reputations. What are some of your strategies in recommending vitamins and supplements? How knowledgeable are you about reputable companies in this field?

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Antibiotic-free Meat Absent in Specific Stores

Purchasing meat products containing antibiotics has negative consequences on your health –  they may lead to increased antibiotic resistance and decrease immunity. A Consumer Reports study released yesterday looked at 136 stores, and 36 store chains.Stores with high amounts of antibiotic-free meat include Trader Joe’s, Publix, Giant, Shaw’s,Stop & Shop and Whole foods. There are 4 chains that do not sell any antibiotic-free meat products. What are your thoughts about this report, and will this affect your shopping decisions?



Have you noticed a lot of barefoot runners lately?

Barefoot running has emerged as a new trend in the fitness world. A New York Times Phys Ed columnist goes over how to safely transition to this style of running as well as other running tips. What are your thoughts about barefoot running?