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Screaming at Your Misbehaving Teen May Backfire.

Family_ProblemsThe journal Child Development published a new study which followed almost 1000 two-parent families with children at ages 13 and 14. It revealed that parents who discipline their teenagers by screaming, cursing and name-calling actually increase their teenager’s aggressive behavior. Researchers discovered that children whose parents used higher levels of harsh verbal discipline experienced larger increases in behavior problems the next year, including fighting with peers, trouble in school, lying to parents, as well as symptoms of depression. What are your thoughts on this study? What behavioral modifications do you recommend to parents who seek your advice?

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Image Courtesty of [David Castillo Dominici ]  FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Facebook use predicts a decline in young adults’ subjective well-being and life satisfaction

Sazvezdje_SocNet_0006The journal PLOS ONE just published a new study evaluating effects of Facebook in 82 young adults over a period of 14 days. Each participant received five text messages a day with a questionnaire that measured behavior and the psychological experience of these Facebook users. The researchers discovered that an increase Facebook use over time correlated with a decline in subjective well being and life satisfaction. What are some positive and negative experience that you have had with Facebook? Are you surprised by the results of this study?

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