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Vitamin supplements may lower exercise endurance

woman-039s-hand-take-vitamin-omega-3-fish-oil-pills-on-a-hand-100176690In an 11 week trial recently published in The Journal of Physiology, researchers at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences in Oslo assessed the effect vitamin C and E have on exercise endurance. 54 participants received either 1,000 mg of vitamin C plus 235 mg of vitamin E or placebo and they exercised up to four times a week. Researchers found no difference in performance between the two groups. However, those who took vitamin C and E seemed to produce less of a specific mitochondrial marker in their muscle cells, which suggests of a decrease endurance. What are your thoughts about this study? What are your typical recommendations to patients looking to enhance their exercise endurance?

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Vitamin C supplements tied to men’s kidney stones


A new study from Sweden supports a suspected theory that men who are prone to kidney stones should be cautious with their vitamin C supplementation.  In the current study men who took 1000 mg vitamin C were at a higher risk of kidney stone formation compared to those men who did not. With that being said, vitamin C is stillan essential nutrient.  What vitamin C rich foods do you incorporate into your diet?

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