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SkinCeuticals’ sunscreen is for your eyes only


SkinCeuticals’ new product called Physical Eye UV Defense claims to protect your skin around the eyes, a location on your face that is typically recommended to avoid during sunscreen application. The product is made of oil base ingredients to stick to skin without running off into the eyes. Cancer of the eyelids is non-life-threatening but can result in surgery or defects. With the sunscreen safety and efficacy controversy what suggestions do you typically follow and what products do you use and recommend?

For Additional Information, please see LA Times.

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Stressed? Boost Heart Health by Smiling

A study to be published in the upcoming issue of Psychological Science, reports that smiling during stressful periods of time, as simple as it may sound, can reduce the intensity of the body’s stress response and protect the heart. Psychological scientists found that forcing muscles to express a smile after stressful activities would lower heart rate compared to people who held neutral facial expressions. How often do you recommend patients to smile to alleviate stress and help their heart?

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